Be different

Our Story

THE VBLOC was established in 2014 to provide solutions for small and medium businesses and lead them to the realm of mobile social. Besides that, we are WeChat Official Account Service and Light App Developer. THE VBLOC was funded by Venture Capitalist and we are an IT Startup Company in Malaysia that serving clients nationwide. We build the SAAS software, CRM and light app to include our services and transform it into a platform for client to expand their business and develop their brand easily.

THE VBLOC proposed three major strategy, "software + marketing + platform". According to the marketing demand, we provide the commercial service tools, then through the result offer a precise marketing strategy, follow the data to label users behavior. Focus on the WeChat marketing, we provide some solution and training to the enterprise, to help them achieve the online-to-offline commerce, mobile business ´╝îlight app and multiple levels of business development.


We are a team of young people with full of suprises. We enjoy what we do and show our professional on our work. Our collaborative working style is teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions. Besides that, we are still a fun team. We build strong relationship because we get along like warmth family, we never go it alone. We support each other when face challenges, that is why we could break through all those difficulties and come till now. We work hard, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. It is different to work with us.


What set us apart? Our values. We always believe in our values and let our customers have a seamless view of our operations.


THE VBLOC goal is to be the greatest IT company and to expand our business to Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia. We want to expand the smart city everywhere in Asia! We are all about to lead the traditional business elevate to mobile social. Our target is to trend mobile social into our lifestyle, so we can get benefit in this social mobile environment.